I Am So Pleased To Hear From You!
Many Thanks for Your Kind Words.



Hello Patti, I believe I just had a moment of clarity, and I want to acknowledge it in writing while it is still fresh in my mind. I am truly grateful to you. You are a beautiful human being, doing powerful and important work. You've helped me tremendously. I am seeing my life--past, present, and future--from a whole new perspective. "DreamBuilder Coaching Program"
Andrew, Fairview, OH


Intuitive Tarot, very open and informative experience. Patti gave a clear outline of what I've experienced, am experiencing and will experience if I follow the advice and path she has allowed me to realize. Great Job!
Julia, Cuyahoga Falls, OH


I highly recommend this! My first time with Reiki. Very powerful positive Energy.
Nora, Fairview Park, OH


Beautiful Reiki Experience, beautiful soul, beautiful healing!

Jasmine, Columbus, OH


It was emotional but well worth it. Thank you for giving me the chance to experience Reiki Healing.

Michelle, Columbus, OH


I got my chakra's cleansed. It was the most relaxing experience. I felt so heavy when I came in. I now feel light and clear headed. I will be back!

Lauryn, Rocky River, OH


My Tarot reading was insightful and helpful. I need to take the recommendations and put them into practice - write out my dreams and take action!

Kathy, Rocky River, OH


I had a very powerful session with Patti where she facilitated me claiming my power back that I had given away to my ex husband. I had not recognized I had given him my power. Patti held the space of acceptance, support and love while  I released energy and re claimed my power back from him.  I felt
amazing afterwards and felt really held in a safe space. I would recommend Patti as a coach. I found her techniques a game changer that shifted so much for me and I feel more empowered  as a result!

        Lisa, Canberra, ACT Australia


Patti gave me a beautiful and powerful reading with the Archangels that are with me that I often recall and refer back to.   She is very clear with her intuition and I highly recommend working with her!   You'll love it!

Blessings and Joy
Lisa, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

"In August of 2006 I was traveling on a plane when a familiar pain came back to me. My shoulder started again with excruciating pain, pain that would not allow me to lift my arm past my chest. I knew it was time to try something other than traditional medicine which hadn't been working.  After researching possible alternatives, I decided to try Reiki and that's what brought me to Patti. A skeptic in the beginning, I found that the Reiki helped almost immediately, and Patti's energy, passion, and professionalism was second to none. Not only did my shoulder start feeling better but I also had a sense of relaxation after every session that I had never felt before. It has been ten years since my shoulder has bothered me and I owe it all to Patti and her "healing hands"." 

CRO, N. Adams, MA

Things had been very uncertain at my place of employment, but I was under the impression there was a resolution around the corner.  I asked Patti to do a Tarot reading for me.  Patti's intuitive reading was incredible.  She provided me a great deal of detail while making sure I understood and could relate what she was saying to my question.  Patti and the cards kept repeating that a resolution was going to take far longer than I anticipated.  One year later and I am still waiting on the resolution!  Patti's reading brought clarity and insight to my situation.  Thank you!!

TM, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Thank-you Patti for the most awesome session ever! I came to you feeling low. I'm talking low energy, low motivation, low everything. I thought I was depressed. You moved me through some major stuff ( I can't believe how fast you worked) and kept going on to find and clear more things.What a relief to feel unburdened and feel good again. It's been 5 months now and I'm still feeling full on energy and wake up happy to start my day. Thank-you again and many blessings to you my dear Patti!

Terry, West Palm Beech, Florida


Patti is a very gifted and inspiring healer! She helped me to identify areas I have been blocking myself in, and we were able to shift the energy around them. I left our session feeling lighter and all around better than before! I am so grateful to have been able to work with her and I absolutely recommend her for any and everyone!! Thanks again Patti! You are absolutely amazing! 😊

-Zachary Mansfield, Ponca City, Oklahoma


Before I worked with Patti, there was red-hot core of anger boiling inside of me.  I did my best to vent it, suppress it, channel it, convert it. But no matter what I did, it just seemed I was constantly at the verge of blowing my lid.  The tiniest, most insignificant of things had me closing my eyes and struggling internally for calm. This was particularly frustrating because I’ve done so much to heal the anger from my childhood and banish “The Incredible Hulk” (my name for the seething anger and temper I once had bottled inside of me). I worried that The Hulk was being born again.

Patti saw right through me, straight into the heart of the issues that were troubling me. But even more incredible than her ability to see my secret doubts, fears, and struggles - some of which I wasn’t even really willing to admit to myself - was the way she gave voice to them, shed light on them…All in a way that not only made it okay to talk about them, but made it easy to. In a single session, Patti helped released all those negative energies. It’s only been a few days, but with each passing day, I feel lighter and ligher, happier and happier. And I am finally starting to recognize and feel like myself again. Thank you so much, Patti!

Kane, Chino Hills, CA