The Fear of Change Causes Us To Play It Safe.

Written By Patti Tatro

I think we would all agree, when there is a major or even a small change happening in our life, whether it is our doing or brought on by someone else, it causes a sense of fear. The "what if's" start bursting forth creating havoc in our life's balance. We start worrying and doubting the correctness of our next steps. We imagine all the possible things that can go wrong, instead of focusing on the amazing possibilities change can bring.

Fear is a natural human instinct. It is in our biology to use the emotion of fear to keep us safe in a dangerous world. We would not want to change this, but perhaps we could see fear for what it actually is, when it appears in our present life.

First of all, recognize that most worries and doubts causing your fear are nothing more than old memories or a learned belief you bought into, or picked up from someone else in the past.

Secondly, understand that the root of your fears can be uncovered and discarded, and replaced by more empowering beliefs.

I have noticed that most of the clients I work with, facing a life change, have either the fear of rejection or the fear of failure.

When we are hit repeatedly with rejection or we have failed or have been told we are a failure over and over again, we tend to perceive or label the experience as something negative. When this happens it becomes a belief of "I am not worthy", "I can't," "I am not good enough", and so on. 

Feeling like you don't belong or you are a failure doesn't feel good and it lowers your energetic vibration.

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Consider what would happen if you reframed the way you perceive rejection or failure. What if you could see rejection as a learning lesson and failure simply as a temporary setback?

These temporary defeats wake us up and move us in a different direction, more often than not, in the direction of our passion and purpose.

We are not meant to be limited by our fears. We are unlimited beings with enormous potential. No matter what the change or goal you want to achieve, know there are risks involved. But if you always play it safe, you will not grow. Growth only comes from stretching your comfort zone.

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